Haven School educates children in the truest and fullest sense by giving them the necessary tools of learning and fostering wonder and love for all that is genuinely true, good, and beautiful. We emphasize classical learning because we want our students to read well, speak well, and think well and ultimately because truth and beauty are good in themselves and desirable for their own sake. We seek to incorporate our students into the wisdom of thousands of years of thought, history, culture, and arts so that they might understand themselves and their world in the light of the truth and cultivate the virtues to live happy and integrated lives in the service of others.




Education is more than just imparting knowledge and skill. Education is a life-long endeavor and involves the whole person. 
Students are healthier and happier when given time and space to grow outdoors; developing a sense of wonder, empathy, and creativity through intentional teaching and wonder-led learning. Dedicated to forming a spirit of care and connection between children and the natural world, Haven thrives with family engagement and fosters a sense of purpose and participation.
Our four foundational practices:

Wonder-Led Learning 
Active Attention

Purposeful Creating
Haven offers nature and outdoor focused academic enrichment courses to students in the 7th-12th grade and meets Tuesday and Thursday for a total of thirty weeks during the school year. This program offers courses in Science through Nature, Nature Illustration, and Classical Music. These courses teach foundational skills of wonder, inquiry learning, close reading, and specific art mediums. Haven builds on these courses with additional opportunities given through block scheduled intensives that complement and enrich students’ weekly coursework.
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