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EDUCATION PHILOSOPHY: The goal of a classical education is the pursuit of wisdom and practice of virtue; thus fitting students for any work in any place. All of life is learning; you cannot put a box, or a building, around education. Whether a student is learning mathematics and music, or planting seeds in the dirt and climbing tall mountains, all of these are integral to a whole-person education. At Haven School we use classic texts across the curriculum, inquiry based learning, and real life practice to teach young people to contemplate and comprehend the world with the goal of finding their own place in it. 


COURSE OF STUDY: Haven School meets each Tuesday and Thursday for a total of thirty-two weeks during the school year. This tuition-free public program offers courses in Science through Nature, Studio Art, and World Languages; this program meets from 12:30-3:30pm. A private enrichment program offering a rich Humanities course including History, Literature, Poetry, and Composition meets from 8am-12:30pm. These core courses teach foundational skills of wonder, inquiry learning, close reading, language acquisition, and specific art mediums. Haven builds on these courses with additional opportunities given through scheduled intensives that complement and enrich students’ weekly coursework. 

COMMUNITY + CULTURE: At Haven we believe that education is more than just imparting knowledge and skill. Education is a life-long endeavor and involves the whole person. Because we are partnering with families, we seek to come alongside to cultivate a culture of learning not only in students but in the whole family. Families are invited to participate in Read-Aloud nights and Fine Arts nights; encouraging literacy across the disciplines and community connection. Families also have opportunities to join students for lecture series, outings, and gatherings related to each course of study. Also, because we view the teacher in the home as important as the teacher in the classroom, Haven provides teacher training to support home partnering teachers. 


ENVIRONMENT: The atmosphere that surrounds a child is as formational as the content that we offer them. Because of this, it is our goal to create beautiful learning spaces that inspire and nourish growing minds and bodies. Haven is already in conversation with architects and developers - brainstorming ideas for designing and building a community-focused learning space. We envision a place on a few acres to allow us to integrate classroom learning into the world of nature. We are designing a place with wide windows to let in natural light, a generous meeting space with high ceilings for gatherings, and spacious classrooms including a formal art studio and science lab. We are excited about this long term vision for the school and look forward to developing a building plan. In the interim, we will meet at Black Forest Chapel on the northeast side of Colorado Springs during the 2021-2022 school year. 


ADMISSION + FEES: Enrollment is on a first come, first served basis with open waitlist application beginning March 4th. The material fee for Haven School is $350 per term.

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